Taylor Your Life

I have been working on a new blog with which I hope to share the interesting things I am doing each day. My head is overflowing with ideas, so I hope that it really takes off soon! If you are ever around Blogspot, check me out in the link above. I’ve always been a Tumblr girl, so making the transfer over to this Google browser has been a journey in itself. I have about a million pins on Pinterest, and I am always baking, crafting, reading, and watching random things that I just wanna share with others, so I will be writing about those sorts of things and more over at TaylorYourLife. Clever, huh? Hehe ;-) It’s still very much so a work in progress (it took me over a week just to finish the layout.) But nonetheless, I am excited to get it going!! I hope to see you there, Tumblr friends. 

<3 <3 <3